Who is a Host?

A host is a paid broadcaster

How do i apply to be a host with inspired agency?

Becoming a host at inspire agency is a simple process. Just click on the register page, click on BECOME A HOST. Fill the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How do i buy Diamonds?

Find wallet on the app, select the payment method you want to use, fix your card and select the value of the diamonds you want to buy.

How do i join LIVEHOUSE?

Your entrace to livehouse depends on the region you are. Joining livehouse requires your agency to book you up for an auditon. That means you have to be a host.

How to join a family as none native?

You will need VIP Points to join a family as a none native

Can i still get paid without Agency?

There are two basic ways to make money. First is to broadcast to earn beans for conversion. Second is to be a HOST in an agency. The later is the most effective way to make money as you get INSPIRED, MENTORED, TUTORED, TRAINED, SUPPORTED and belong to a group of people with the same goals while you make MONEY.

Will my target be affected if i convert my beans to diamonds?

No, you are only required to receive the beans. What you do with the beans has nothing to do with your target. Exchanging it does not affect your payment.

How do i get paid?

You get paid in beans and then you convert the beans to cash which is withdrawn through your local bank account.

What’s purpose of coins?

Coin are used to purchase entrance effects, helments or pendants and give broadcasters 1star.

When is the best time to Broadcast?

Your broadcasting hours should be dependent on the time your fans are available to watch you. TIME ZONES of your fan/viewers/supporters should be considered before broadcasting

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